Thread Coating Machines

Thread Coating Machine using for coating thread locking adhesive or Anaerobic on Screw, bolts, Studs, bolt, Nuts, Wood screws, Self-tapping screws, Valve Body, Variety of pneumatic ttings etc.

• The equipment is suitable for M3 to M30 different model of screw, connector fastener.
• The machine suitable for lengths within 150mm.
• Double-drive design, the product jig and the thimble device are equipped with independent Servo / Stepper motors to rotate synchronously, which ensures better concentricity and avoids uneven coating in during rotation proccess.
• Professionally designed touch screen PLC gluing control system, visual operation panel, all processing parameters can be set directly through the touch screen, such as the adjustment of gluing start and end positions and gluing length (number of turns).
• For different Products should be processed only by changing the product jig / Locating Pins and Mandrels.
• It can be matched with different diameter needles according to the size of the workpiece teeth to achieve perfect gluing effect.
• Equipped Controlled Dispenser module, dispensing glue evenly, without drawing, dripping, and leaking glue.
• Add optional for automatic unloading, saving the time of manual unloading.
• The product be glued product by machine, greatly improves reliability and durability sealing.
Thread Coating Machines

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