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Linear Units

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Linear Units

XL 85/ 100-B

XL 85 B and Linear Units are with toothed belt drive and compact dimensions provide high performance features such as, high speed, good accuracy and repeatability. Excellent price - performance ratio and quick delivery time are ensured. The compact precision extruded aluminum profile from 6063AL with integrated zero backlash ball rail guide system, allows high speed. in the profile slot driving polyurethane timing belt protects all the parts in the profile from dust, for extra protection C cover is also provided. The aluminum profile includes T- slot for fixing the linear unit & for attaching Sensors, Switches, Reed Switches etc..

XL 85/ 100

XL 85 /100 Linear Unit described with precision ball screw drive integrated guide rail & compact dimensions. They provide high performance features such as high speed, good accuracy and repeatability. They can easily be combined to multi axis systems. In the linear unit XL 85/100 precision ball screw with reduced backlash of ball nut is used. Dust and contamination protection cover is provided for 1500mm stroke length linear unit. The Aluminum profile includes T- slots for fixing the linear unit as per users suitability. Also these T- slots can be used for Limit switches, Sensors, Reed switches fitment.


Technical Data

Linear Units

Parameters XL 85-B Xl 100- B XL 85 Xl 100
Stroke Length Max. (mm) 4000 5000 1500 1500
Linear Speed Min.(m/s) 2 2 0.4 0.4
Acceleration Max. (m / s2 ) 20 20 8 8
Repeatability (+-mm) 0.05 to 0.1 0.1 0.03 to 0.05 0.03 to 0.05
I/P Speed Max. (rpm) 600 1200 3000 3000
Operation Temp. Limits (Degree C) 0 to 70 -5 to 70 -5 to 70 -5 to 70
Dynamic Load (Fx) Max. 1500 1200 2500 3500
Dynamic Load (Fy) Max. 3000 / 5000 4000 1445 2500
Dynamic Load (Fz) Max. 3000/5000 4000 1445 2500
Dynamic Load Torque (Mx) Max. 75 200 49 117
Dynamic Load Torque (My) Max. 150 450 85 230
Dynamic Load Torque (Mz) Max. 150 450 85 230
Pulley Diameter (mm) 55 55
Stroke/ Shaft Revolution (mm) 172 172
Screw Diameter (mm) 16 / 20 16 / 20
Screw Lead (P) (mm) 5 / 10 5 / 10
Profile Size (mm) 85 104 85 104
Type of Belt T5 / T10 T5 / T10

Multi Axis Systems

Some Typical System configurations are shown below to illustrate the versatility of the VN Design. VN Mechanics's technical department can assist with applications, enquires or undertake the design of multi -axis system

Multi axis System Multi axis System Multi axis System
Multi axis System Multi axis System Multi axis System
Multi axis System Multi axis System Multi axis System

Thr Linear units can be combine to produce various multi axis linear system. we can also build for you a gantry systemor a portal as a complete assembled machine together with the frame, protection and other necessary elements to fit your exact requirement. We also offers all the necessary fittings includeing Brackets, Clamping Fixtures, Adapter Plates and we also supply non standard custom fixing and connection elements as well as customized solutions as per your requirements.

The Cartesian Robotics
Cartesian Robots are used to automate a wide range of tasks in manufacturing and assembly lines in virtually every industry from cell phone production to candy packaging. These Robots are used in assembly, Pick and place. However depending on the work load, Speed and Accuracy required, the above formats (Design) can be used for that particular application. Cartesian Robots excel in multitude of different applications due to their high speed travel, precise multi - axial guidance, wide working envelope and versatility; including packaging, Dispensing, Pelletizing & large scale assembly. Finally Cartesian Robots can be used as Gantries to accomplish tasks using overhead manipulation, which frees and helps simplify the assembly lines.

linear units linear units

Other applications - 1) Welding Applications 2) Engraving Applications 3) Liquid Dispensing 4) Material Handling


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