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Linear Actuator Applications

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lifter These Linear Actuators are used for material handling equipments as well as scissor lifter applications
Medical Bed Medical series Linear Actuator is driven by worm & gears and easy to install with long service life, Low noise and free maintenance. These Linear Actuators help smoothly in adjusting medical bed, surgical beds, nursing beds, Dental & Wheel chairs
Solar Tracker The Linear Actuator is applied in a Solar Tracker where in it helps to track the sun as it moves on its path through the sky. These Linear Actuators has minimum level of maintenance, low power consumption and stable quality performance
Actutators The industrial series Linear Actuators are designed to be strong wear resistance, high duty, water proof and easy installation which can be used in harsh environment without damaging any electronic parts
Massage Sofa These Linear Actuators support you to design more adjustable and comfortable furniture, such as massage, multi functional sofas, TV/ Light Lifter or a system with additional features.


Manufacturer, Supplier of Linear Actuator applications


Manufacturer, Supplier of Linear Actuator